when the body meets design

What are the effects of design on the body and the mind? A short intro to body conscious design

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bone deep strength

What if some of our basic assumptions about health and fitness are mistaken?

by Kathleen Porter, Center of Natural Alignment

how beauty feels

"Beauty is in the limbic system of the beholder"

in the classroom

A radical new approach to ergonomics in schools. Simon Dennehy designed a chair to help schoolchildren sit more healthily. In this video he explains the theoretical backgrounds.

the way we sit

There are aspects in the project Diffrient talks about in this video that don't work well - at least according to our experience in chair design (e.g. see the effects of his chair on his body when he sits). Still we think there are good points in his work and in this video that are worth noting and appreciating.

aligning body, mind and culture

"What is distinctive of body conscious design is that it looks for an alignment of three aspects: the physical body, the mind and culture."